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Testimonials :

  • "Working with Gale was GREAT. She made it easy and simple. I reached my goal and I look and feel great! Thanks Gale!" - Alice C.

  • "I have tried every diet there is but I never knew it could be so easy! I ate so much food and still lost the weight. Thanks to Gales Weight Loss!!" - Pam B.

  • "My Cholesterol was through the roof! In two months, I was able to stop taking my medication for cholesterol. I feel amazing!" - Todd P.

  • "I started out a size 16. I am now in a size 10. My husband loves my new body!!" - Sherri D.

  • "With my lifestyle, being able to eat out works so well for me. My blood pressure has gone down and my doctor is very happy with me! Thank you Gale for all that you do." - Bobby S.

  • "When I started the program, my blood sugar was high. After one month on the program, I no longer take medicine for Diabetes. My legs don't swell anymore and I can focus at work. I have lost 20 lbs and gone down 2 sizes. I couldnt of done it without you Gale!" - Wanda S.

  • "I am a terrible planner. Having Gale plan all of my meals made it so simple! I was able to make substitutions from the program and eat any of these foods out at a restaurant. Gale really cares about her clients and I am very grateful!" - John A.

  • "I needed knee surgery and because of my weight, I was not able to have the surgery. I lost 50 lbs on this program and was able to have the surgery. My doctor was amazed that I did it. I owe it all the Gales Weight Loss!" - Stan K.

  • "My sons wedding was a month away and I could not fit into the dress I purchased to wear. With Gale's help, I not only got into the dress, but I was the bell of the ball. GALE IS AWESOME!" - Michelle D.

  • "I work construction and I need a lot of food. I tried Gales Weight Loss and I couldn't eat all of the food. I was never hungry and my wife is glad that my love handles are GONE!" - Jason L.

  • "My wife and I joined the program together. We lost 100 lbs together!! Our children actually like to be seen in public with us now! Thanks Gale!" - Jerri & Sandra M.