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       On my program, you will lose pounds as well as inches. No exercise required! You will feel good, not be hungry or have that tired, drawn out feeling that is usually associated with dieting. Your energy will increase right away! One of the reasons the program is so easy to follow is the amount of food that you can actually eat and still lose weight. Most people assume the less they eat, the more that they will lose. This simply isn't true. Our bodies are designed to burn off stored fat for energy. In order to do that, you must give your body what it needs to function. A balanced diet, using REAL food, is the only way to achieve this. It works so well that you may actually be smaller at a given weight than you were before. I have helped thousands of clients lose weight and they are always amazed by how simple it actually is!

       My program has been reviewed and approved by the state board of North Carolina and is perfectly safe for anyone. I have worked with children, senior citizens, teenagers, and adults. No one is meant to be overweight! -- NO MORE MONDAY DIETS --


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